EQ Execution Tools

EQ Execution Tools allows fund managers and stockbrokers to prepare and analyse their trade lists.

It contains several features:

  • EQvolume
    • volume forecast for next trading day
    • improves volume forecasts by 12% over traditional methods
    • improves the predictability of forecasts of more than 98% of stocks
  • EQ Impact Model
    • market impact model – forecasts the price impact of executing an equities order
    • used in trade planning
    • an important measure for benchmarking dealers and brokers
  • EQanalytics
    • pre-trade analytics
    • in-trade analytics
    • post-trade analytics
  • EQdata
    • updated for every stock every day
    • can be integrated into client systems
  • EQconnect
    • delivers EQdata
    • delivery can be automatically scheduled
  • EQimpact Addin
    • allows EQdata to be used in Excel

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