Consulting Examples

We have consulted to fund managers on:

  • using quant in your investment process – consistency, clarity
  • good quant versus bad quant – what not to use
  • people, process and technology – who does what when and how
  • when will I start failing? – how big is too big? – what is my fund capacity?
  • which analysts add the most value? – brokers, internal, which consensus?
  • how much value does my dealer add? – benchmarking, measurement

We have consulted to stockbrokers on:

  • centralising and decentralising research – who owns the macro view?
  • streamlining research processes using quant – delivering consistent forecasts
  • improving recommendations – assessing, clarifying, relevancy
  • rating my analysts performance – leadership and accuracy
  • mentoring – guiding young analysts
  • portfolio trading – establishing a new business unit
  • algorithmic execution – developing and deploying an algo execution system
  • technology planning – what systems and people do we need?

We have consulted to fintechs on:

  • clarifying the question you are trying to answer – clarity, depth of thinking
  • specifying the best metric to answer the question – not always the first thing you thought of
  • using different modes of investment return – absolute return, relative return, active return
  • standardising data – to support the best metric for the appropriate return mode
  • metrics to avoid – PEG Ratio
  • metrics to treat with caution – PE Ratio, Price to Cashflow
  • planning investment systems – using the A-B-C-D-E framework
  • product health check – to identify areas of strength and areas of improvement

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