EQ Fund Capacity Report

EQ Fund Capacity Report highlights potential fund growth

Fund Capacity is how large a fund can grow whilst still meeting its objectives.

Knowing your Fund Capacity is crucial for funds management planning and very useful when marketing for additional funds.

Understanding the key restrictive factors enables sensible decisions to be made to increase the capacity of individual funds, and total FUM of a fund manager.

EQ International has combined its quantitative expertise with its depth and breadth of market analysis to determine the capacity of a fund manager for any equities markets.

Refer to fundcapacity.com for further discussion on Fund Capacity.


EQ Fund Capacity Methodology Example

EQ Fund Capacity


Scope of EQ Fund Capacity Report

The EQ Fund Capacity Report for a single fund is a 10-12 page written report detailing:

  • fund capacity – how large a fund can grow whilst still meeting its objectives
  • style capacity – how large the fund can grow if it is currently meeting its objectives
  • any related issues, insights and capacity pressures
  • EQ’s methodology
  • fund manager inputs and EQ estimates
  • charts and discussion of the funds:
    • historical performance
    • skill level
    • surplus skill
    • feasible tracking error
    •  surplus tracking error
    • other issues, where appropriate
  • fund capacity sensitivity analysis
  • glossary of terms used in the report

The report increases by around 4 pages for each additional fund.

In addition to the 10+ page report there are two other useful items:

  • an executive summary of the report, which may prove useful for marketing purposes
  • powerpoint slides of charts and tables used in the report, which may prove useful for presentation purposes

On completion, we present the findings of the report to the fund manager to ensure that all aspects of the report are fully understood.


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